600Mg Full Spectrum Hemp Pet Tincture



Arrowhead’s 600 Mg Full Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture is Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil based and 3rd party full panel lab tested.  Free of Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Mycotoxins, and Molds.  Below 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Flavors: Bacon

Ingredients:  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Arrowhead’s full spectrum CBD extract, Rendered bacon fat.

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Arrowhead’s 600Mg Full Spectrum Hemp Pet Tincture is extracted from our organically grown high CBD flower and blended with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and flavored with rendered bacon fat.  20mg of CBD per dropper gives your pet a healthy dose of Full Spectrum hemp with each meal and the rendered bacon fat gives the tincure the flavor all dogs love.

The recommended dose is 2-10mg per 20lbs at every meal added to your pet’s food.  Please inquire with your veterinarian if your dog is on any medications or has any underlying health risks.

We grow all of our flower on our small, sustainable, organic family farm in Asheville, NC and we proudly partner with regional CGMP certified extract labs to make sure all of our flower and extract products are of the finest quality.  All our products pass 3rd party full panel contaminant lab tests from a DEA certified lab.

For our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract we only use our most resinous flower which is filled with a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes this enables our products to retain the “essence” and true terpene profile of the flower.  You can truly “Taste the Earth” and bacon in every drop.

All of our tinctures are formulated to be fully Federally compliant and below 0.3% Delta 9 THC.




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Natural, Spearmint, Vanilla, Citrus Burst


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