Super Sour Suver Haze CBD (INDOOR)

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Super Sour Suver Haze

(Suver Haze X Gorilla Glue #4)

Organically indoor grown CBD hemp flower.

Hand Trimmed.

Fully Federally compliant.

Less than 0.3% Delta 9


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Arrowhead’s highly anticipated USDA certified organic indoor Super Sour Suver Haze is an amazing hybrid between Oregon CBD’s Suver Haze and Gorilla Glue #4.  These plants were grown using our USDA organic super soil and fed only our North Carolina farm’s natural spring water.  The terpene and resin profile is unique and extreme.  These plants exude a strong sweet and sour smell and taste.  The plants are grown lovingly in extremely small batches and no salts or pesticides are ever used.  First class genetics produce first class flower and smoke.  We hope everyone has a chance to enjoy this limited release of our craft hemp flower.

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3 reviews for Super Sour Suver Haze CBD (INDOOR)

  1. tim

    I know the hemp community is really big on the sour space candy strain..i mean it’s great. But Arrowheads was on another level. The smell and taste are magnificent..the green and purple sticky buds smoke great and are very aesthetically pleasing. Ive gone down and opened the mason jar its in probably 25 times in 2 days just to admire the sight and scent! With that being said, I still can’t say I favor it over the Sour Suver….its that good too! Again..a great nose..and imo..the suver is even more aesthetically pleasing than the SSC..the buds are nice and chunky…BRIGHT green with purple hues showing through..and as far as effects…I actually give the Suver a slight edge over the space candy. I go for the Space Candy when I get off work and want to wind down and relax while still being clear-headed and alert. The Suver is a great way to start your day with a wake and bake. Since Ive gotten my Arrowhead order I have literally pushed all of my other strains and flowers to the side, everything from Wedding Cake to Abacus Diesel to Alpen Gleaux. Arrowhead is A1 with top shelf quality..quick shipping and delivery..discreet…they even threw me a few extra grams of Suver because I ordered on a Sunday when the post office was closed and they couldn’t ship it right then..even though it was MY fault. Class act

  2. JWEEZY864

    Once again the fire of all fire. This Sour Suver isn’t the top shelf you hear of, this is the stuff that other vendors keep for themselves lol. Perfect..🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t know what else to say besides, you better get some before I buy it all 😂

  3. Liliana Lopez

    This is the best cbd I’ve ever tried! Really friendly vendor too. It helps me to relax, feels like a warm bath.

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